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About Hoa Lac High-tech Service Centre

Photo: Hoa Lac Hi-tech Service Centre (HHSC)

Address : Km 29, Thang Long Freeway, Thach That , Hanoi.

ĐT : 04 63 269.229




Hoa Lac Hi-tech Service Centre (HHSC), which is under the management of Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park, was established pursuant to Decision No. 2237 / QD – BKHCN signed by the Minister of Science and Technology on October 5th, 2009. The centre operates mainly on science and technoloy services such as product introduction, acceptance, display, and technology transfer in response to Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park’s operation and development.

Under the board management and orientation, with the main role is to provide services related to high-quality science and technology potential, HHSC is making attempt to transfer modern technology then apply into manufacture and business activities. The centre is simultaneously an agent to support startups in phase of completing their  practical technology idea and supply an accessible information port  for discussion, research results and inventions in agricultural and industrial sections. Hoa Lac Hi-tech Service Centre takes responsibility for organizing workshops and fairs for display and technology transfer in Hoa Lac and all over the country.

HHSC’s active human resouces, who come from various entrepreneurship ecosystems, can be seen as an advantage to thoroughly understand young science researchers. In addition, HHSC’s phases of development are closely linked to the contribution and experience of leading experts in various fields. Therefore, the Centre is able to promote the connection among all subjects in the science and technology market, building an optimal environment for science research in accordance to Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung’s orientation at the Groundbreaking ceremony of Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park’s infrastructure project, “ By 2018, the project will be completed and brought into operation. Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park is going to have a new appearance and new capacities for an unprecedent development, to be a truely smart urban area that specializes in science and technology research, application, creativity, and transfer”.

Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park Management Board – Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Service Centre
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